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warning for asexual followers





asexualityresources is a terrible blog, misuses ace bloggers posts, and then when said bloggers ask them to change/take it off, they act condescending and rude, don’t take responsibility, and then sic their followers on them so they can harass them. 

just a warning in case anyone here is following them!

unsurprisingly they’re also a proponent of “ASEXUALS CAN HAVE SEX TOO!!!1!”-type visibility, so basically terrible all around

I was on a 101 panel with this person and she said something about how she thought asexual relationships were ~purer~ because they don’t include sex and I had to step in and be like “um that’s not, the point, though, like, let’s not feed *directly* into the stereotypes that this identity is about sex-shaming other people”

and then at the ace conference she gave a presentation on visibility efforts and spent like two minutes on a slide about “dressing professionally” and “representing the community well”

i would add commentary but i’m just gonna be over here barfing


Big Finish has just announced a new download-only range of monthly Short Trips stories beginning in 2015 - £2.99 per story or £30 for a 12-story subscription.

The first 12 stories are:

  • January 2015 - The Flywheel Revolution, featuring the First Doctor
  • February 2015 - Little Doctors, featuring theSecond Doctor, Jamie, Zoe
  • March 2015 - Time Tunnel, featuring theThird Doctor, Jo, and UNIT
  • April 2015 - The Ghost Trap, featuring theFourth Doctor and Leela
  • May 2015 - The Toy, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Nyssa
  • June 2015 - TBD, featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri
  • July 2015 - Dark Convoy, featuring theSeventh Doctor and Ace
  • August 2015 - Foreshadowing, featuring the Eighth Doctor and Charley
  • September 2015 - Etheria, featuring theFirst Doctor, Steven, and Vicki
  • October 2015 - The Way of the Empty Hand, featuring theSecond Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe
  • November 2015 - The Other Woman, featuring theThird Doctor, Jo, and UNIT
  • December 2015 - Top Dog, featuring the Fourth Doctor and K9

Authors, readers (though if you ask me, the featured companion[s?] is probably a strong hint), and further story details TBA.








[10 second long fart noise]


That first excuse is complete bullshit because it’s available everywhere, and that second excuse is bullshit because newvians are literally saying “omfg i love this show! but ew i don’t want to watch it”

I love the line about elitism. I was called “the result of a broken condom” “a traitor” and people asked “what’s wrong with you” because I voted for the Tenth Doctor to be eliminated on an elimination contest.

the nu who fandom is incredible

How can you be so fucking hateful? Like yeah great you like classic dw era good for you but do you really have to be so rude about dw fans who have only seen the new show? Do you really think its avaible everywhere? Its hard to find it even in english, not mentioning that theres plenty of people whose english is just not good enough to understand everything without subtitles (and try to find the subtitles, for example try to fucking find czech subtitles, fucking impossible). The other thing is also the fact that your saying that all the new era fans DONT WANT TO WATCH THE OLD ERA like whats fucking wrong with you if youre able to

it begins

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